National Gazette No. 44571, 14 May 2021, Vol. 671

Summary 20210514 - National Gazette No. 44571 of 14-May-2021, Volume 671, 92 page(s), 13 notice(s), 3.4Mb
Publication  National Gazettes

Title Pages
Department of Justice and Constitutional Development    
Promotion of access to information Act (2/2000) » Description submitted in terms of section 15(1) » Department of Higher Education and Training, General Notice No. 270
Department of Employment and Labour    
Labour Relations Act, 1995 » Variation of scope of the South African Road Passenger Bargaining Council (SARPBAC), General Notice No. 271
Labour Relations Act, 1995 » Change of name of a Trade Union » Educators Union of South Africa (EUSA) (LR2/6/2/2746) registered as Education and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (EUSA), General Notice No. 272
Department of Transport    
International Air Service Act (60/1993) » Grant/amendment of International Air Service License » Airlink (Pty) Ltd, General Notice No. 273
Air Service Licensing Act (115/1990) » Application for the grant or amendment of Domestic Air Service Licence » Capital Air (Pty) Ltd; Garden Route Media (Pty) Ltd, General Notice No. 274
Merchant Shipping Act (57/1951) » Amendment to Regulations relating to Merchant Shipping (collision and distress signals), General Notice No. 275
Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development    
Ment van 416 Agricultural Product Standards Act (119/1990) » Standards and requirements regarding control of the export of citrus fruits » Amendment, Government Notice
Mineral Resources and Energy, Department of / Mineraalbronne en Energie, Departement van 417 National Nuclear Regulator Act (47/1999) » Notice in terms of section 28 of the Act, on fees for Nuclear Authorisations, Government Notice
Department of Higher Education and Training    
Higher Education Act (101/1997, as amended) » Institutional Statute » University of Venda, Government Notice No. 418
South African Revenue Service (SARS)    
Tax Administration Act (28/2011) » Returns to be submitted by a person in terms of section 25 of the Act, Government Notice No. 419
Wet op die Belastingadministrasie (28/2011) » Opgawes ingevolge artikel 25 van die Wet, deur n persoon ingedien te word, Government Notice No. 419
Board Notices    
Road Accident Fund Act (56/1996) » Adjustment of Statutory Limit in respect of claims for loss of income and loss of support, Board Notice No. 29
Padongeluksfondswet (56/1996) » Aanpassing van Staturre Limiet ten opsigte van eise vir verlies aan inkomste en onderhoud, Board Notice No. 29

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headline bulletin
I go for a 3rd attempt at reaching out to the FBI of the United States — Mark Berchowitz

I'm double displaced. On arrival. 9th time only at SA. Property owner Petros bumps up our agreed rental fee by 50% during my check-in — Mark Berchowitz

I'm displaced for the 8th time. Only at SA. Curiocity backpackers goes from low occupancy to fully booked on the day of my renewal at lowest season — Mark Berchowitz

PayFast only bill R507 of R5,103 on GGSA subscriptions for today (9.9%). It's remaining "existing" service / billing contracts terminated — Mark Berchowitz

South African Air Force (SAAF) in the process of being grounded — Mail & Guardian

I create an online backup as a persistent public record of a nation's joint financial assault against one man. And his tiny legitimate business — Mark Berchowitz

The nation teams up with government and financial institutions by slashing new business for GGSA by up to 76% within 1-month — Mark Berchowitz

2Checkout cannot bill anyone that pays via Mastercard for 26 days now — since 29 April

Visa network don't bill GGSA's existing paying customers' cards
See the report >

LexisNexis / Windeed withhold my money and tell me it takes up to 3 weeks to do an EFT since it's processed at their Durban branch — Mark Berchowitz

Government withholds, suspends and / or discontinues gazette publications including the tender bulletin for 113 days now — since 01 Feb, 2021
prior headlines >