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2021/05/20 Provincial Gazette (Kwazulu Natal) No. 2287, Vol. 15
KzN Gaming and Betting Act No. 08 of 2010 as amended) » applications for amendment of licence conditions in terms of section 30 (a) (2) read with section 30 (a) (4 5), No. 11   1  
KzN Wet op Dobbelary en Weddery no 08 van 2010 soos gewysig) » aansoeke om wysiging van lisensievoorwaardes ingevolge artikel 30 (a) (2) gelees saam met artikel 30 (a) (4 5), No. 11   4  
Local Government Municipal Property rates Act No. 6 of 2004 » Public notice calling for an inspection of the annual Supplementary valuation roll no 4 and lodging of objections, No. 45   1  
Road carrier Permits » Kwazulu-Natal, No. 46   484  
Local Government Municipal Property rates act (6/2004) » inkosi langalibalele local Municipality » Supplementary valuation roll no 1 (inkosie langalibalele local Municipality General valuation roll 1 July 2020) 2020/2021 Financial year, No. 47   2  
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Provincial Gazette (Kwazulu Natal) No. 2286, Vol. 15
Local Government » Municipal Property rates act, 2004 ( Act No. 6 of 2004) » ethekwini Municipality » Public notice calling for inspection of the fifth Supplementary valuation roll (Gv 2017) and lodging of objections, No. 19   6  
2021/05/18 Provincial Gazette (Kwazulu Natal) No. 2288, Vol. 15
2021/05/13 Provincial Gazette (Kwazulu Natal) No. 2285, Vol. 15
Kwazulu-Natal Gaming and Betting act (8/2010), as amended » applications received for approval of relocation of business premises to other premises in terms of section 44 (1) of the act, No. 10   2  
Kwazulu-Natal Dobbelary en Weddery Wet (8/2010) » Kennisgewing van aansoeke ontvang vir verwydering en verhouding van primre weddery besigheid aan ander premies in terme van artikel 44 (1) van die Wet, No. 10   4  
National environmental Management » Protected areas act (57/2003) » Declaration of the elandsberg Protected environment in terms of section 28(1) of the act, No. 41   3  
National environmental Management » integrated coastal Management act (24/2008) » listing of KwazuluNatal Public launch Sites and the identified Management Bodies for each launch Site, No. 42   2  
Kwazulu-Natal Gaming and Betting regulations, 2012 » Determination in terms of regulation 171 of the Kwazulu-Natal Gaming and Betting regulations, 2012, that the results of the virtual Sport and Games operated are an other event or contingency upon which bets may be struck in Kwazulu-Natal, No. 43   2  
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2021/05/10 Provincial Gazette (Kwazulu Natal) No. 2284, Vol. 15
Local Government Municipal Property rates act, 2004 (Act No. 6 of 2004) » Public Notice calling for the inspection of the 2nd Supplementary valuation roll for the year 2019-2023 and loding of objections, No. 18   2  
2021/05/06 Provincial Gazette (Kwazulu Natal) No. 2283, Vol. 15
Local Government » Municipal Property rates act (6/2004) » Public notice calling for inspection of Supplementary valuation roll no 11, 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 and lodging of objections, No. 16   4  
Umhlabuyalingana Municipality » Public Notice » calling for inspection of the Second Supplementary valuation roll and lodge a request for review against the valuation of a property, No. 17   2  
Provincial Gazette (Kwazulu Natal) No. 2282, Vol. 15
Kwazulu-Natal Nature conservation Management act, 1997 (Act No. 9 of 1997) » call for nomination of individuals to serve on the Kwazulu-Natal Nature conservation Board (ezemvelo KzN Wildlife), No. 40   2  
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I go for a 3rd attempt at reaching out to the FBI of the United States — Mark Berchowitz

I'm double displaced. On arrival. 9th time only at SA. Property owner Petros bumps up our agreed rental fee by 50% during my check-in — Mark Berchowitz

I'm displaced for the 8th time. Only at SA. Curiocity backpackers goes from low occupancy to fully booked on the day of my renewal at lowest season — Mark Berchowitz

PayFast only bill R507 of R5,103 on GGSA subscriptions for today (9.9%). It's remaining "existing" service / billing contracts terminated — Mark Berchowitz

South African Air Force (SAAF) in the process of being grounded — Mail & Guardian

I create an online backup as a persistent public record of a nation's joint financial assault against one man. And his tiny legitimate business — Mark Berchowitz

The nation teams up with government and financial institutions by slashing new business for GGSA by up to 76% within 1-month — Mark Berchowitz

2Checkout cannot bill anyone that pays via Mastercard for 26 days now — since 29 April

Visa network don't bill GGSA's existing paying customers' cards
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LexisNexis / Windeed withhold my money and tell me it takes up to 3 weeks to do an EFT since it's processed at their Durban branch — Mark Berchowitz

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